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Washoe Tribal Council

January, 2019


Washoe Tribal Council

Jan, 2019

Serrell Smokey

Chairman, Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California

Rueben Vasquez

Tribal Vice-Chairman; Chairman, Dresslerville Council

Roger McDonald

Chairman, Carson Council

Chad Malone

Vice-Chairman, Carson Council

Herman Fillmore

Vice-Chairman, Dresslerville Council

Blain Osorio

Chairman, Stewart Council

Darrel Kizer

Vice-Chairman, Stewart Council

Irvin Jim

Chairman, Woodfords Council

Shannon Guerrero

Vice-Chairwoman, Woodfords Council

Helen Fillmore

Off-Reservation Representative

Jeanine Jim-Blue Horse

Off-Reservation Representative

Lorraine Keller

Reno-Sparks Colony Representative

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Washoe Tribal Government


Mission of the Washoe Tribal Governement

The mission of the Washoe Tribal Governement is to continuously improve the life and well being of its members.

Election of the Tribal Council

The Washoe Tribe is governed by a council of representatives from each of the tribe's constituent groups.  The council is elected every four years; the most recent election occuring in 2018.

The Tribe has four residential communities; The Carson Colony, the Stewart Community, the Dresslerville Community, and the Woodfords Community.   Each Community or Colony‚Äôs five representatives then vote in a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary Treasurer.  The Chairman and Vice-Charman of each community are then apponted to serve on the general tribal council.  Any of the five representatives are eligible to serve on the general tribal council as an Alternate in the event the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the community or colony are unable to attend  any particular Tribal Council meeting.

The Washoe Tribe is comprised of a large off-reservation constituency.  The tribal membership as a whole elect two Off Reservation representatives to serve on the Tribal Council

The Reno-Sparks Indian Colony is a separate tribe that has a number of Washoe members.  These constituents elect a single Reno-Sparks Reprentative to serve them on the Washoe Tribal Council.

The Tribal Chairman is elected by the Washoe tribal membership as a whole from all four Washoe communities, the Washoe off reservation constituency and Washoe membership within the bounds of the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony.

All elected officials serve a concurrent four year term.

Role of the Washoe Tribal Council

The Washoe Tribal Council is the primary governing body for the Washoe Tribe and directs all tribal operations.